A Girl, Transformational Empowering Healing

In First Person

The Second Version, In First Person and a Little Reworded – Write Your Own Short Story in the Comments Below

Walking on the path, I part the foliage from view to see a scene grand and promising. Coming here reminds me that from nothing, cities made from manufactured supplies, some altered chemically in a lab were designed on paper and rise up in real life, growing and dividing with no biological element seemingly out nowhere to stand as if they had always been. Who thought of this idea before it was common place or was it the natural course to arrive at this in the way that each step a person takes naturally leads them to the next? Implying that no vision is an arrival but a view of a moment that’s a part of a continual unfolding. Meaning, no dream is impossible but perhaps just a little farther down the way. Anything is possible. Hiking back to Base Camp; some pop up tent city in the middle of nowhere for charity work, with renewed faith and self-confidence I got back to the task at hand, helping others. After nearly two years of various volunteer programs that pay small amounts of compensation, I almost had enough to begin my dream company, a non-profit that will clean water and provide jobs to many in need. It’s been twenty-two months and with this last assignment, there’s still four months left instead of the two that would make a complete two years but it’s important not to focus on time as that slows it down creating an illusion of something impossible to reach. Three months later to speed this story up somehow, the steady groove of constant work for the purpose of greater things and dream realizations was abruptly martialed by officials with arms in jeeps to take control of the area and shut down the organization with labels of illegal activity, money-laundering, and fraud followed with something about heavy fines and deportation. There was some incomplete paperwork and some issues with translation that threatened a foreboding end to the philanthropic reputation of this humanitarian endeavor and worst take away the financial compensation that many volunteers from challenging backgrounds were told they would receive and despite how meager it was, were depending on to aid them with their personal burdens. Every story is different. You never really know what people are dealing with and many here doing this type of work aren’t just the idealistic and privileged. For some, it’s a way to prevent homelessness for themselves and their families while they’re in-between jobs, for others, a step in the right direction for the career and subsequently the life of their dreams, and yet others, it’s a way out of debt or to turn around a bad reputation created from careless choices and negative influences. I am here because I believe in something. A choice, that only individual people can make. A choice, that individual people have to make. Without stable income, any type of support or even a clear path already made for me, tried and true by someone else, the hope of the compensation would help me to create something that decreases the need for people to need help to live the life they want. One step closer to having these basic things that people need is one step closer to being able to have the things people need to create the life they want. Thankfully, the skills amongst the volunteers were (past tense for some reason) plentiful. They got the translations corrected which allowed for the paperwork to be updated (They, because I need to speed the story up but it’s still in 1st person.). The correct documentation was sent to make a completed file for a non-profit charitable organization to do their work. To everyone’s relief, the work continued. A huge party was celebrated the last week of the assignment. It wasn’t the usual ‘ready to go home and stop working endlessly’ but one of triumph and comradeship. A war waged to create good in the world always held back by some indifferent group that finds ways to justify putting a stop to those who are aiding others but never to stop those who are negatively impacting many. It was the joy of people being able to use their talents to come together to further a cause of aid. They won this one and were closer together for it. I, Ayia went to my spot in the woods one last time to view what endless possibility looks like and eventually left my last volunteer assignment to embark on my next journey to create an international non-profit business to provide jobs and clean major water sources that support whole communities. (This short story is to be rewritten a myriad number of times.)


Ayia Eulalie Mau, Female, Brown Eyes, Black, 25yrs old, Black Hair, Vagabond Profession, Athletic Build, Khaki Shorts- Green Tank, Slim, Backpack Purse, Family Unknown- Estranged, Main Character, Searching Flaw, “See a Need Fill a Need” External Motivation, Belief Internal Motivation, Positive-Optimistic-Visionary Positive Traits, Wanderlust-Disimpassioned-Annoyed Negative Traits, Spunky Quirk, Fear of Skin Melting from Bugs Phobia, “If I Can, I Will” Life Motto, Belief Treasured Possession, Well-Read Education Level, American, Imaginative-Reflective Voice, Proactive Seeking,


In the Woods of Life, Time Unknown


Manifest the Passions of the Authentic Self and, Establish and Live a Life Desired


Lack of Money, Support, Direction, or Proof of Possibility


Many Struggle to Attain a Life Worth Living and Die Without Ever Having Lived or Ever Experiencing the Potential of a Life as Human

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